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I am passionate about fitness training and have been working out for over 20 years in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

I am part of the Soul Fitness Independent Trainer studio. The gym is well equipped and has a quieter and more personal feel. Its a great place to get introduced to weight training if the busier gyms aren't the right fit for you.

Training at any level can help you achieve and maintain a better quality of life, both physically and mentally. Working with me will allow you to fill all of the different and most important aspects of weight lifting so you get the most from your time, and most importantly your dollar value.

I am very engaged with you in our time together. And I pride myself on both challenging my clients appropriately but also paying attention to how much they want to push themselves day to day.

With my decades of personal experience and 4 years of certification's through respected vendors of personal training education, I bring you a product that will get you your moneys worth.

Beginner and middle level gym goers of all ages is who I am looking to train with (ages 13 to seniors). I am comfortable with both weight loss and and muscle gain goals. And know how to build a program for both.


How can working with a personal trainer help you?

I'll design a personalized program considering your fitness level and goals, show you proper form and make adjustments as you progress. Nutritionally were going to look at macro and micro suggestions to help you. Proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats with a look at vitamins and minerals. These steps are always important in achieving your health goals.

Goal Setting and Achievement
A fitness goal, no matter how modest or challenging it may be is critical to your fitness program. Modifying an exercise or providing an alternate allows you to reach your goals mainstreamed, meaning more goals, less time in-between. Choosing a nutritional balance in macro nutrients is also going to allow the most comfortable diets for your specifically. Its about what you personally need!

providing encouragement and motivation is something I offer in our new relationship. Lets get you going on a program. Be work based. and from there we progress.

Personal Considerations

I will work with you to achieve your goals and make it enjoyable at the same time.

Pre-made meals ready to go! The best way to win the nutritional and composition aspect of a fitness program. Macro counting is a big deal and is one of the things we will talk about. I can guarantee a personalized approach to every client with suggestion's that will fit anyone's lifestyle, so as to complement it. There are many things that can be done so as to improve gym results with eating.


Lemon and lime, along with a couple other store bought items makes a natural electrolyte beverage. Hydration is an important and easy step to a newer more productive you. Health benefits included!

With more exercise success your bodies requirement for fluids and nutrition rises, another sign that the body is becoming fitter and stronger.





Nick J. McKnight



236 516 1956



Proud Capilano Rugby Club Alumni and Player


Want to come in and train well, train hard, train as you want and keep your commitment to that? Choose any of my packages but at a price of 46$ per hour. This takes out the nutrition, half hour weekly phone call consultation, and personal workout program. You keep supplemental suggestions and bio electric impedance scale analysis. This is for anyone who wants results but less of a commitment outside of training.

Above is Eicosapentanoic / Docosahexaenoic (EPA/DHA) fatty acids. Healthy fat is a great way to accompany your dieting needs. One of the main issues of the day for health being that we are eating processed food that has lifeless calories. By choosing nutritionally strong fat sources we compliment our eating, and gain many health benefits. EPA/DHA is linked to weight management, cognitive function and showing relation to benefits in mild Alzheimer's dementia (It simply helps with focus!). Just by making simple choices like this in the long run we gain health and that's my job, to advise you. Essential Fatty acids is one of the many parts that is the equation of optimal nutrition, that helps you become healthier, and in doing so changes composition and healthy life span longevity.
One of my latest certificates is a comprehensive nutrition course. I am now through the Cory Holly Institute a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor. This course was deep in information and required time and adherence to the year long process of attaining it. If you are an athlete and looking to get an edge, I can now thoroughly say I have the ability to make many suggestions to help your lifestyle and sport through nutrition.

Also as  someone of beginner and middle experience with training the application of sports nutrition to exercise and regular dieters will functionally assist you in your goals incredibly!

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