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Online Statistics Applications for Sports Betting

There are numerous websites and applications offering football predictions to quickly attract users. However, many of these apps rely more on intuition and unreliable statistical data rather than expert knowledge and analysis.

The best sports betting apps are undoubtedly the most advanced livescore soccer prediction apps currently widely available on the market. They provide the best football statistics, sometimes even hinting at trends related to match outcomes. However, there are also apps that offer more and truly assist sports bettors. Below, we compile the best football betting and statistics apps for players.

Overlyzer revolutionizes the betting market with its dynamic online football statistics app, offering users all the tools to become professional sports bettors.

The app doesn't provide tips or betting predictions, but it offers online trends from 1,000 leagues and competitions. These live statistics are displayed in real-time graphs, showing users how matches are unfolding. Users can instantly know if a match is defensive or offensive and which team is exerting more pressure and likely to win. This is a crucial advantage in online betting, as Overlyzer's algorithm alerts players to betting opportunities they might otherwise miss.

Even with up to 300 matches happening simultaneously on weekends, users never miss out on information thanks to detailed filtering functions. Players can sort matches based on relevant statistics, match phases, betting odds, or the software's algorithms, such as Game Offense Factor. For example, if you want to see matches where a team has conceded or scored at least 20 goals, you can do so with just a click. Registered users can save their filters and reload them anytime to view matches suitable for their betting preferences.

Additionally, users can access this app on most devices. Overlyzer is available for free on Google Play or the App Store and is considered the best football app for iOS and Android since its launch. Registration is also free. Furthermore, the PC version provides even better overviews and maps out even more football statistics and data in the blink of an eye.

The app also offers various types of free football prediction site pre-tournament betting for free. The free "Over/Under" tool displays the probability of goals scored from 250 tournaments. However, the software's key feature is live betting, accessible for €19 per month or €49 per quarter. With proper bankroll management and suitable live betting strategies, just one successful bet is enough to cover these costs, making Overlyzer a must-have app for any serious bettor.


SofaScore is one of the most popular live score apps, providing results and statistics for over 20 sports and 5,000 leagues and competitions. Esports fans also love this app, as SofaScore is a leading provider of virtual betting competitions.

SofaScore is also known for its innovation, continually introducing features not found in other competing apps. For example, the player feature provides an overview of each player's skills, allowing users to easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

With its excellent design and fast performance, this live score app is undoubtedly one we recommend. SofaScore has garnered 20 million active users per month over the past decade, with the app being downloaded a total of around 25 million times.

Additionally, it's a familiar provider for Italian football fans. The company's 150 employees ensure daily technology updates.


Not many apps can boast of signing a superstar as their brand ambassador. LiveScore, a global sports company, managed to secure Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the biggest football stars, as their brand ambassador, further increasing the app's popularity.

After all, CR7 also announced that he would use LiveScore for many years to come to keep up with the latest scores.

The LiveScore Group also sponsors Spain's La Liga and operates two betting companies: LiveScore Bet and Virgin Bet. App users can watch live streams alongside detailed statistics in the future.


FotMob is one of the most popular live score providers, with over 10 million downloads and highly rated user interfaces and various statistics for each individual sport. It also publishes news about leading sports without hiding behind famous publishers.

Christer Nordvik founded the company in 2004, making Fotmob one of the oldest live score providers.

The company, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, has only about 15 employees, who make football fans' hearts beat faster. Unlike other competing companies, the Norwegians rely on a lean company structure, which doesn't reflect when users use the app.

Fotmob is one of the most popular online score providers worldwide, with many users primarily from the UK and the US.


BeSoccer promised to bring premium soccer tips and the provider certainly delivered on their promise. Users receive minute-by-minute news presented in a unique, visually appealing way and also add value in terms of content.

The app's clear design allows users to quickly find the content they need, even though many other apps are available, especially as users can easily personalize content to their preferences. The statistics section also integrates well with BeSoccer, with over six million players in the database!

Moreover, BeSoccer is quite popular with football fans in Spain, where most users are found. However, this isn't surprising since the company is headquartered in Spain. BeSoccer emerged from the website and is now one of the country's largest football communities.

In 2016, BeSoccer won the "Best App of 2016" award from Google and has been downloaded a total of around 20 million times.


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