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Decoding the Draw Handicap Bet: Tips for Newbies

The draw handicap bet is a familiar and popular option when participating in Asian football betting. However, for newcomers, information about this type of bet can be quite unclear. They often do not fully understand what a draw handicap bet is or how to play it. The following article by Win tips will help you grasp the comprehensive details.

Understanding the Draw Handicap Bet

The draw handicap bet, also known as the level ball bet, is applied by reputable bookmakers when two teams are equally matched. Many experts find this type of bet very attractive due to its high winning rate. It is one of the popular football bets in Asia with simple rules that even beginners enjoy. As a newbie, you can easily choose and play this bet well.

This type of bet appears in many major domestic and international tournaments, allowing bettors to immerse themselves in the excitement and suspense of the match. However, not every football match offers a level ball bet. Common situations where this bet appears include:

Equal Teams: The two teams have equal skill levels with no clear stronger team, and their squad quality is balanced.

Inconsistent Form: One team is generally strong but has had unstable recent performances, leading the bookmaker to lower the handicap to 0.

Home Advantage: One team has home advantage but is not rated stronger, so the level ball bet is set.

Balancing Odds: Based on recent head-to-head history and football form, the bookmaker might reduce the handicap from 0.25 to 0 to balance the betting odds and avoid large disparities.

How to Play the Draw Handicap Bet

Now that you have a basic understanding of the draw handicap bet, let's look at how to play it. The process is quite simple. Players need to understand how to read the odds and prepare their betting money. Focus on the numbers provided by the bookmaker to read the bet.

First Number: The first number is the handicap set by the top 100 bookmaker.

Second Number: The second number is the percentage of winnings for the two betting options.

When participating, players just need to select the draw handicap bet, place their wager, and choose their betting option, then wait for the results.


If the bookmaker sets a draw handicap for a match between Italy and England at 0 1.5/1.8, the numbers mean:

0: The handicap between the two teams is 0.

1.5: The percentage of winnings you receive if England wins.

1.8: The percentage of winnings you receive if Italy wins.

For instance, if you bet on England with potential winnings of 2 million VND and England wins, your total winnings will be 2 x 1.5 = 3 million VND. If England loses, you lose your stake. The same applies if you bet on Italy.

Tips for Playing the Draw Handicap Bet

To increase your chances of winning when playing the draw handicap bet, the more detailed information you have about the teams, the match, and the bookmaker, the better. While luck plays a role, it's not the only factor in winning. Thus, you should learn from the experiences of seasoned bettors. Here are some tips shared by Wintips:

Research Head-to-Head History: Understand the strength of the two teams, their key players, and their past encounters. If one team has a better winning record, consider betting on them.

Current Form: Investigate the recent form of the teams. Evaluate their playing strategies, lineup arrangements, and any key player injuries. This information is crucial for assessing their chances of winning.

Avoid Early Bets: Experienced bettors advise against placing bets too early. It's smarter to wait about 15 minutes into the match to gauge the teams' performance before placing your bet.

Consider Home Advantage: In evenly matched games, the home team often has an edge due to familiarity with the field. Betting on the home team can be a safer choice.

Choose a Reputable bookmaker free play: Select a trustworthy bookmaker with clear rules and transparent information. Reliable bookmakers ensure fair payouts, avoiding those with deceptive practices.

Manage Your Capital Wisely: Betting should be a form of relaxation and entertainment. Avoid betting all your capital at once. Prepare thoroughly and allocate your funds wisely, setting limits for wins and losses.

By following these tips, Wintips hopes to have helped you understand what the draw handicap bet is and how to play it effectively. This type of bet is one of the most interesting with a high winning rate. Remember to carefully study these analyses to increase your chances of success when betting. Good luck!


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