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Online Group Training

If you are interested in a solo online training program, send me a email or text!

Are you not wanting to train ina gym setting right now? We are going through a strange time and your sense of well-being is important to me as a personal trainer.

Training comfortably and in the convenience of your home can be productive and fun! Your home workout equipment can be reduced to a few resistance bands. Through body weight training, mobility and aerobic and anaerobic training I can give you a satisfying and challenging workout. You will test and improve your physical endurance and strength.
Right now I'm offering one-to-one programs with a commitment of twice a week. Also I will be gathering a group of older ladies, particularly seniors. I'll be having 3 training sessions a week to take your fitness to a healthy and next level! I'm always looking for affordable tools to use in sessions for results and program creativity. But even without them I can make a great program.
I'll be looking for 5 to 6 individuals who will want to make the commitment. My online program will run for 6 weeks so that the end results are good. Each session is $35 dollars and $630 for the entire program for 6 weeks at 3 sessions a week. If it to were to run 2 times a week it would come in at 420$.

Value add-on's would be developed including posture assessments, nutrition, supplements, and suggested activity to accommodate the program.

Interested? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


or email me at


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