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Gym services and pricing plans

1 session (1 hour) of training


Discuss what works best for you and your goals. Considering your specific needs, based on training style. With discussion about putting on muscle (weight gain) and losing weight (weight loss). General health and wellness through gym training, nutritional meal management and supplement suggestions.

8 sessions (1 hour each) of training


Four weeks in the gym including.

        - 2/3 workouts a week with me.
        - attention to muscular imbalance that aids posture and can relieve pain.        
        - nutritional recommendations in the form of macro sheets (calorie consumption).
        - natural health product suggestions (supplements).
       - composition assessment using a bio electric impedance scale.

With this combination of time in the gym, physiology awareness, healthy food         choice, supplements and composition awareness it is the strongest combination for weight and aesthetic related goals. Exercising and a healthy diet is one of the only ways to undue the stress and damage of time. You will have more energy, be more resistant to life and be healthier in every sense of the word!

You want to make the change, and will make the commitment.

16 sessions (1 hour each) of training


Real dedication to make a positive change in your life.

Eight weeks in the gym including all the above.

32 sessions (1 hour each) of training


Is money not an issue and you want to complete your health goal? Make use of this expanded package to spend more time in the gym, and accomplish or surpass your goals.

4 months in the gym with all package inclusive add ons

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